Pick ‘n’ Mix Morning Worship

What gifts would you like to say ‘thank you’ for? What have you grown and nourished over the year? How can we share these gifts with each other?

Join us for worship, prayer, teaching, games and LOTS of eating as we celebrate Harvest this Sunday. The morning is broken into half-hour chunks – pick what you want to come to, and come to as little or as much as you’d like. The morning starts off with breakfast and quiet prayer and reflection, moving into noisier worship at regular church time! If you don’t like being in church for long stretches, just drop by for a half hour session. And if you do, stay for the whole morning!

The lineup for the morning:
8.30am Breakfast (Bacon butties, cereal, toast and bagels)
9am Quiet prayer with some time for intercessions / ongoing breakfast
9.30am Led reflection ‘Being in the presence on God’ – with communion
10am Morning Coffee and Tea break
10.30am Bluegrass and folk worship
11am Talk / Children’s activities
11.30am Action points and games
12noon onwards – Indoor picnic! Bring and share lunch. Please bring something for yourself and others to eat. Feel free to use your home-grown harvest produce (or buy something from the supermarket!)

Today we will be collecting packaged and dry foods for Postive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS) so please bring any donations of tins, packets, tea and coffee etc with you and there will be opportunity to add them to the collection. Find out more about what you can give here.

We are also collecting for TEARFUND today – envelopes including gift aid forms will be available.

If you have fresh vegetables you’d like to give to Courtyard Cafe, bring them on the morning as well. Please note we’d only like items that can be made into soup.

6.30pm Evening Worship

Tonight’s meeting is our monthly Bible study meeting – come and take part in, or just listen to, discussion on a Bible passage around a shared meal.

Our evening meeting is a smaller, more intimate gathering for worship, word and prayer in the Green Room, and finishes by 8pm.