Only a few weeks ago I woke early and went into the study to spend some time with the Lord, I was looking for a piece of music to help me in my morning worship and I came across “I’m Coming Home” by Skylar Grey.

I was hooked. The more I listened to the track the more I could sense the Lord working on my heart. I had already settled on the book of Exodus for the Autumn preaching series here at Harehills Lane Baptist Church. I began to pick up the thread of what the Lord was speaking to me about and I’m so looking forward to this coming series…


The scripture is one big story of god’s people “Coming Home” From the Garden in Eden to the Garden in Revelation, the call to come home from the Lord is the major theme that runs through scripture. The bible also clearly shows that God’s people are at times only one step away from his presence. Stories like Book of Ruth point us to “Coming Home”, The Exile in Babylon is a story of “Coming Home” In the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah builds the walls for the chidren of Israel’s home coming, and Ezra the temple and the people of promise come home.


The psalmists and well as the prophets are calling to the children of promise to come home. God aches for a people who will return to him, who will dwell in his presence and be in relationship with Him. When the time comes for Jesus to come to our world in earth shattering Grace, he calls to Jew and Gentile alike to Come Home. The scripture is on fire with a call to the prodigals to “Come Home” and just like the prodigal in Jesus’ story God’s people are only a step away from his presence.


The Book of Exodus is the Old Testament book of God at Home with his people. The whole book is about the presence of God dwelling with His people, His prodigal people. In this series we cover the whole of the book of Exodus over 9 weeks. The focus of this series is we are no different to the children of promise we too are only one step away from “Coming Home”. Like the prodigal nation and the prodigal son, the prodigal church needs the presence of God, his actual presence in our worship and in our lives.

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Graeme, Team Leader