Our five core values

These core values were put together a few years ago to express the beliefs and directions of our church community. They aren’t meant to be a rigid code or set of rules, but highlight things that are important to us, that we see in the pages of scripture and particularly the teaching of Jesus, and that have been lived and breathed in our community over the years. We hope that these values act as a foundation that we can build upon and move forward from as a community, generation by generation and person by person.

Each value has an accompanying Bible study that you are welcome to download (as a Word document) to find out more.

BECOMING more like Jesus

We want to worship and glorify Jesus in all that we do and become more like him for the sake of those that don’t know him yet. We are keen to embody his teaching – which could mean challenging what we find in society and in even our churches.
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GROWING in community

As a community we aim to provide a home and family to people of many different backgrounds and nationalities and lifestyles, and to build a strong, supportive community of friends. We seek not to be judgemental, nor to be super spiritual; we aim to take people as we find them. It is Jesus that transforms, and he may make demands on our viewpoints, prejudices, thinking and ways of living.
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SHARING good news

Jesus’ final command was to ‘go and make disciples’. This is our commitment too and we want to build a community of people that reaches out to those that don’t know Jesus yet in our streets, our workplaces, our homes. We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is life enhancing.
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BEING good news

We see a vital part of our mission is to befriend, serve and love the underprivileged and marginalised. We want to serve and to be a resource for the local community so that we can be effective partners with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, in his mission and ministry.
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LIVING a God-centred life

We believe God is to be found in every area of living, in what we do and where we inhabit, in everything that we hear and speak. We want to be 24/7 followers of Jesus Christ. We seek to walk with God in the ordinary changing scenes of life, to find him in the sorrows and the joys, close in all that we do.
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