HLBC’s Creative Studio continues on Zoom after the pandemic. This may be a time and opportunity to be even more creative in how we use our arts! For those who had the opportunity to come down to the Creative Studio you would have seen that we had been blessed indeed, with what the Holy Spirit has been working in us, when we had our sessions of creative worship at our Monday meetings.

We meet online every Monday morning. We start with a bit of prayer, and then the leader for the session reads the Bible passage that they have selected. The leader then does a short bit of visualisation exercise or discussion with the group, to get people to think a little more about the passage, or more importantly, how that affects their lives.

And then, its off to pen and paper, or paint and canvas, song or dance or whatever creative medium or talent that you are blessed with! You can continue the time of creative worship by focusing on what the Holy Spirit is telling you through the passage, and express that in your art form. That usually takes about an hour and a half. We then finish with sharing of our artworks, and explaining a little of what we has touched and inspired us.

So for our session each week we will have different studio leaders share a Bible passage, and a short visualisation exercise. Then in the safety and privacy of your own homes, you can creatively worship the Lord through your art form. Those who wish to can share their art on our Facebook page so that you can encourage others on what the Holy Spirit has impressed on you.

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Monday Virtual Creative Studio sessions

Catch up on our past sessions and see some of the work below.